Leaving Care Education

Leaving Care Education

Education and training

Whenever possible, the young person is educated in a local authority educational placement. Especially in line with their age and educational needs. Particularly, when this is not appropriate Enhanced Care will assist in arranging alternative solutions.

Individual Plan

Furthermore, we recognise that many young people in our care may have serious issues with learning, which may come from a difficulty in trusting adults, or be from a mental health difficulty or disability.

Whatever the root cause, our approach is completely person-centred and flexible to the needs of the individual. If they require one-to-one tutoring with little distractions then we can arrange it. Particularly, their individual situation is always respected and handled with care and compassion. Our staff are highly trained in how to respond to specialist learning and behavioural needs, and their focus is to build self-esteem and a positive outlook on learning.

For this reason we can arrange an extensive range of academic, vocational and skilled business related training depending on requirements. A small example of which is below:

    • English
    • Maths
    • Sciences
    • Information Technology
    • Hair and Beauty
    • Building, Mechanical or Electrical Skills
    • Music
    • Animal Care

As a result, Care Leavers are able to apply for grants and receive financial assistance up to the age of 25 to help support them in full or part-time further or higher education. Accordingly, Enhanced Care in partnership with the local authority can advise and assist with this.

Leaving Care Education Achievement

Moreover, learning goals and achievements are celebrated with each young person through external achievements, personal goal achievements, award schemes and other relevant award bodies.