Leaving Care – Outcomes

Leaving Care – Outcomes

Measuring Outcomes and Celebrating Achievement
The primary focus for Enhanced Care is to have significantly improved outcomes for our Children Leaving
Care. We aim to provide comprehensive support and accommodation for children leaving care and

  • reduce their level of vulnerability when they leave care
  • reduce any risks that they might pose to themselves or other people
  • improve their mental health and emotional well-being
  • improve their adjustment to independent living
  • improve their education and employment opportunities
  • improve their family or personal relationships
  • ultimately prepare them for a better life when they leave care.

By continually monitoring and measuring their progress from our perspective as well as theirs, we aim to see improvements in all aspects of the child’s development.  We understand that each young person is different; they have different goals, wishes, needs and aspirations. They also have different starting points; we aim to support each young person to achieve different milestones of achievement within different timescales.

Alongside the pathway plan from the local authority, the health care professionals at Sunningdale devise a person-centred support plan with the young person in order to identify their support and outcome areas to enable them to live independently in their own accommodation.

We have high expectations for our young people in all areas of their lives. We celebrate their achievements and progress in a multitude of ways ranging from personal praise to parties to personalised rewards for achievement. The aim is to use these opportunities to help build each young person’s self esteem, self value and sense of achievement.