Emotional Behavioural – Types of Placement

Emotional Behavioural Disorder –

Types of Placement

Types of Placement
Working with local authorities, Enhanced Care provides a high standard of accommodation, according to the needs of each child and young person. Care is by planned admission, and the duration of a child or young person’s placement is subject to their individual needs.  We can extend their leaving age to 18 if necessary to assist them in their transition to independence.

Shared Spaces

Inside the main building there is a lounge, games / activity room, a quiet room, a dining room, a kitchen, a visitor’s room, and a separate kitchenette. There is a classroom and several individual rooms which are multi-purpose, including therapy rooms.

Individual Spaces
Everyone likes to have a place where they can be alone to escape to some peace and quiet. At Enhanced Care we acknowledge this, so each child and young person is accommodated in a spacious en suite bedroom which will be personalised to take account of their needs, preferences and wishes. This will be their allocated bedroom for the duration of their stay (unless for a health and safety reason), and can be decorated how they wish. All bedrooms are fitted with a bedside table, a chest of drawers, wardrobe, table lamp and double bed.