Autism Spectrum Disorder – Outcomes

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Outcomes

Enhanced Care have a strong belief that every child and young person can achieve. Particularly when supported by our residential children’s services, we are committed to monitoring, measuring and improving outcomes for each young person in our care.

Consequently we understand that each young person with Autism Spectrum Disorder is different and as a result they have different goals, wishes, needs and aspirations. They also have different starting points. We aim to support each young person to achieve different milestones of achievement within different timescales. For this reason our plans are flexible, robust and bespoke to each young person.

Each young person has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), an Essential Lifestyle Plan (ELP) and a Behaviour Support Plan (BSP). As a result a number of assessments support the ongoing recording of progress and similarly contribute to person-centred planning including analysis and baseline assessment methods.

Celebration of Achievement and Progress

We have high expectations of our young people in all areas of their lives. As a result we celebrate their achievements and progress in a multitude of ways ranging from personal praise, throwing a party, to special rewards for achievement. The aim is to use these opportunities to help build each young person’s self-esteem, self-value and sense of achievement.

In addition learning goals and achievements are celebrated with each young person through external achievements, personal goal achievements and through accreditation including the UK accredited ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) Award schemes and other relevant award bodies.