Autism Spectrum Disorder – Therapeutic Services

Autism Spectrum Disorder –

Therapeutic Services

Above all in our Autism spectrum disorder care homes in Durham and Teesside, we have developed successful ASD Therapeutic Services training programmes. In the same way we have staff development pathways to meet regulations.  As a result this ensures best practice and achieves an outstanding quality of therapeutic care throughout our services.

Furthermore we provide specifically high ratio specialist, experienced teams trained in:

  • positive behavioural intervention and support (PBIS)
  • autism and complex sensory awareness
  • learning difficulties
  • learning disabilities
  • attachment disorders
  • social difficulties
  • developmental delays
  • positive communication
  • therapeutic rapport

Management Team
Together with Enhanced Care’s management team and their twenty years experience we are particularly successful with community based residential care for young people with challenging disorders and behaviours in Durham and Teesside.

Partnership working & a multi disciplinary team approach
Moreover as an integral part of Enhanced Care’s ASD Therapeutic Services approach we work in partnership with the young person, their family, carers and in addition other professionals to provide a multi-disciplinary team approach. Accordingly this includes working alongside psychology, speech and language therapy, counseling, occupational therapy and alternative therapies.

In short positive partnerships are key to achieving a consistent person-centred approach to planning and similarly goal setting and supporting the young person to celebrate their achievements.